Muscle Strain

Good Tips that will Save Your Back from Muscle Strain Muscle Strain When your back muscles are unduly over-stressed, it can lead to muscle strain. Strain is an injury on the muscle as a result of bad lifting technique or repetitive overuse of the back muscles or other forms of accidents. Back muscle strain usually occurs on the lower back, the Lumbar region. Any activity that leaves the weight of the body being sustained for long by the lower back muscle will lead to Back Strain. While injury to your muscles is called strain, injury sustained on the ligaments is called Sprain. Symptoms and Causes Symptoms of Back Strain are: • Increased weakness of your back muscles leading to lack of stamina • Limited movement is experienced • Stiffness and muscle spam can occur • Swelling of your lower back region occurs Causes of Back Strain • Lifting of heavy objects (with a bent spine) in a bad lifting style • When you observe a poor posture, it can lead to back muscle strain • Repetitive overuse of your back muscles lead to strain Treatment • Take Anti Inflammatory drugs like Aspirin, consult your Physician for any prescription • Meet your doctor for prescription on muscle relaxants • Apply a wrap of ice for 30 minutes on the affected area every 3 hours for 3 days. On the fourth day, apply heat to the affected area for 30 minutes to ease blood flow • Don’t rush into back exercises but you can start off with gentle back stretches to aid blood flow. Prevention • Please avoid over stressing your back muscles through over use or repetitive activity • Don’t lift over weight objects that can affect your spine • It is wise to always observe a good posture • You may also switch your position. Maintaining one position for long can lead to back strain.