For Women

Women usually face unique kinds of ill-health which is peculiar to them. While every human being can gets sick or suffer from poor health condition at some point life, men and women have some form of ill-health that is unique to each of the gender. Women are most likely to suffer from this forms of health conditions:
  1. Vagina Cancer
  2. Infertility
  3. Breast Cancer
Infertility in women has resulted in the break-up of many homes. It always makes couple start loosing the love they have for one another if they have to wait and wait for donkey years in order for the woman to conceive. This is a serious sickness that needs to be remedied. Cancer of the breast and vagina are also common forms of ill-health prevalent among women. Cancer is a canker worm that eats deeply into the body. Early detection goes a long way to increase the probability of the victim’s survival.