For Men

Most men usually face unique kinds of ill-health which is peculiar to men. While every human being gets sick or suffer from poor health condition at some point life, men and women have some form of ill-health that is unique to each of the gender. Men are most likely to suffer from these forms of health conditions:
  1. Erectile Dysfunction
  2. Small Sized P**
  3. Prostrate Cancer
  4. Pot Belly
These are serious for men that most marriages and relationship have broken down. A man who cannot give his wife the kind on service she needs suffers the risk of looking her to a neighbour or a street urchin. Starting from the age of 40, every man is mean to constantly go for medical check-ups over the issue of prostrate cancer. That will help in the early detection. Early detection results in better cure and survival for the victim. It is so funny how most men equate having of pot belly to being a rich man or a big man. Pot belly is abnormal and thus is a health condition. It is one health condition that can easily lead to the death of a man.