My Very Ugly Back Pain Experience

 "Ouch! When will this back pain end?" "Will she massage me again today?" "Oh, my back aches!" These are some of the worries expressed daily by people when the back region goes on an aching spree. Guess what? You are not alone. Millions of people around the world are (or were) victims including me. As a worker, I was required to sit in front of the computer for longer hours. That began to take toll on my back. It was so bad that doctors recommended all sorts of therapies which had little or no impact on my back. At a point, a doctor friend suggested surgery. I became so afraid and had to work towards escaping that option. I carried out lots of researches into alternative ways of regaining my back.

Many people think that back ache cannot be prevented nor treated. While some others unknowingly subject themselves to different conditions that result to a painful back or athritis condition. Whether you belong to the first set of people or the second group,I will offer you simple tips, techniques and exercises that give you new lease of life.

Do you know that you don't need to have plenty money in order to stop athritis and back pain? A recent study shows that 1 out of 2-3 adults and even teenagers suffer from back pain or athritis or even both. Due to several factors, back pain and athritis have eaten deep into the lives of many people.

Due to sedentary life style (sitting down for long), carrying of heavy loads, sitting down or lying down with bad posture, a lot of people suffer untold pains on the back, arms or legs. While you may have spent a lot trying to cure these pain conditions, now I want to share with you the natural ways I employed to cure acute back pain which troubled me for more than 10 years.  I am here to assist fellow victims with useful advice and information on the way out in an easy and simple to understand format. This page furnishes you with the most natural and cost effective ways to undertake prevention and treatment of back pain and athritis joint pain.


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