Symptoms of Back Pain

Back Pain Symptoms

Back Pain symptoms are considered based on:

  1. the length of time a victim experiences them
  2. the area on the back where pain is felt and
  3. the intensity of pain.

There are different causes of back pain ranging from muscle strain, ligament sprain to injuries. But the symptoms are almost the same.

Common symptoms of back pain may include:

  1. Stiffness felt around any point on the spine
  2. Experienced aching at the lower, middle or upper back
  3. Numbness of your finger and foot resulting to “no feeling” experience
  4. Tingling foot leading to irritation with “pin and needles” sensation
  5. Sudden and sharp pain in the neck, lower or upper back. This, most likely, happens after a tough activity or after lifting heavy objects. See good lifting techniques
  6. Muscle spasm felt at the lower back region
  7. Long felt pain along the areas of the spine
  8. Soreness felt around the Lower back region