Osteoporosis is a back condition in which your bones become fragile and cracked up. While your hips and wrists can be affected, the spine is most likely to be attacked more.

It weakens the vertebrae (cylindrical bones composing your spinal column) leading to hunchback and reduction in height.

Your bone structures decrease gradually as you grow old. This experience of decrease in bone density is likely to happen from 30 years and above.

Symptoms include:

• You will experience increased back pain as disease manifests

• You may fail to maintain good posture

• Loss of height as a result of spinal fracture and cracks

• Experienced decrease in the density and size of your bone. The risk of fracture is increased


• You are likely to suffer from this back condition as a result of old age. It is very common with male and female above 75 years.


• Calcium is a well know mineral that grows the bone structure. Early intake in life can help you to beat this condition favorably

• Consume enough vitamins D and K to improve your bone health and reduce the risk of decrease

• Consult your Physician for exercises that can improve your condition. Exercises like jumping , weight bearing exercises, treadmill walk and strengthening exercises help to improve condition


• You can change your lifestyle with improved dieting and back strengthening exercises

• You may also avoid tobacco smoking and alcohol. They have been linked with Osteoporosis

• Up your diet with sufficient calcium and vitamin D supplements. They improve the bone state

• Please avoid accidents such as falls and slip offs. They are triggers that will easily expose you to this back condition

• You may also contact your Doctor for better advice on how to prevent this back condition

• Check your family medical history and constantly undertake a bone density test to detect any changes to your bone structure