Osteoarthritis of the Spine

Osteoarthritis of the Spine
Osteoarthritis (Spondylosis ) is the degeneration of the spine. It is an old age related disease condition that affects the intervertebral discs and the spinal joint. Degeneration increases bone to bone interaction in an unusual way.

You may not suffer this condition unless you are 45 years and above. It is a sign of old age usually common with those who are 60 years and above.

The degeneration leads to the loss of proper functioning of your joints. This condition can also be experienced on the hips, hands and knee as the cartilage surrounding the facet joints wears away. You are likely to feel deep pain, irritation and friction around the vertebral joints and spine.

Symptoms are:

• Bone spur resulting from unusual bone to bone interaction in the spine

• You may experience stiffness of the back due to
increased friction on the joints

• You may also feel tingling sensation and numbness in a more sever circumstance


• Old age is the main cause of Osteoarthritis of the Spine


• You are encouraged to undertake strengthening and stretching back exercises. Stretching exercises will ease the movement of your back while strengthening exercises will firm up your back muscles.

• Work on reduction of weight to reduce the body load on the back muscles

• Apply ice well wrapped in a cloth on the affected region for 30 minutes to reduce pain

• Consult your Doctor for anti-inflammatory drugs prescriptions

• Supplements have also been very helpful. Consult your Doctor for prescription

• You can schedule with your Physician on appropriate Massage Therapy

• Spinal Injection and Surgery can also be employed


While this disease condition comes with old age and may not be completely prevented, these tips will help

• Back Pain Exercises do a lot in improving your back condition

• You can use back supports like braces and wedges

• Sleep on a medium firm mattress