Ever Felt Any of These Symptoms?


You can experience stiffness on any region of the spine. It poses a hard feeling to move the back freely. It can be very severe or harsh and leads to decreased movement. I used to experience stiffness after sitting for long in one place. Aargh! The feeling can be very frightening. Stiffness initiates fear into victims of back pain and makes them feel very uncomfortable towards any activity. Ever felt a rigid or severe attack that leaves your spine region under short arrest? That stiffness is a symptom of Back Pain.


The fingers and foot appear not to be feeling anything. They appear dead to sensation. Numbness of finger and foot lasts for a short period of time. Prolonged cases can be a lead to other ailments.


Experiencing weakness in your leg or arm? That may be a pointer to that dreaded back pain. The straining of the back muscles leads to general weakness. This can result from a engaging in a stressful activity.


Do you have the feeling that your arm or legs are experiencing “pins and needles” sensation?  This is one of the symptoms of back pain. It can be very irritating. It usually lasts for some time. If it persists, that may be a pointer to a more serious ailment.


A radiating pain from the lower back seeps down to the buttocks and legs causing soreness. This is sciatic pain.  You may have the feeling of injury at your back, while actually none exists.


Spasm is a very common symptom of back pain.  In my own case, I experienced involuntary contraction of my back muscles. It lasts for a short period of time. Spasm creates a jerking sensation of the muscles as if your back is being yanked off you…..this pull can be painful.

Strangely, a very minor activity like sneezing can lead to muscle spasm. Other causes can be:

  1. Over-stretching of the muscle
  2. Stress
  3. Bad Posture