Back Pain

Explaining Back Pain, A Personal Touch While millions of people around the world suffer from back pain, each individual victim has a unique story to tell. My own story covers the early stage of pain development through chronic stage to the time I finally found a solution. My own back ache started to develop from high school. I was very young and could not figure out what the radiating pain on my back was all about. I love to seat at one place, reading for longer hours. My high quest for academic excellence gave me away to a sedentary life style. Yea…I sit for long in order to read and comprehend far above my peers. The pain was not much at that stage. Even when I was in the university, I still felt pain on my back region. Not until I started working was I fully ushered into the world of real time back pain ha-ha! I smile now because when I look back, I laugh at my stupidity of thinking that the ache on my back would disappear.  Rather, it degenerated into full back problem just on my second year of working fully. Faced with the cross of pain on my lower back region, I started out my journey of being a guest to several physicians and therapists. All sorts of treatments were administered on me. Let truth be told, I felt little or no improvement. The relief periods were short lived. The situation got worse. I had to quit work in order to take my destiny in my hands. I tried out so many therapies until I stumbled upon this easy and less expensive way that got me healed. I got my recovery mainly through Back Exercises and a little combination of other therapies.   [mc4wp_form id=”336″]